Energy Sector

The philosophy pursued by the Group and parent is having more energy produced at low environmental impact both present and future, providing improved and durable life quality.

The Group has focused, over the last 6 years, on its economic efforts to acquire and upgrade skills in the construction of plants for the production of electricity, becoming a real competence and reference thanks to its network of collaborators and partner companies, consulting first, then design and construction of plants for energy production of type:

  •  Hydropower
  • Solar Panels
  • Wind energy
  • Thermoelectric power from municipal solid waste 

Hydroelectric power:

The group is organized to perform the search for potential sites for both the design and construction of hydroelectric plants; plants and micro plants reengineering of their own or third parties.

The main types of turbines used with fully automated electronic management are:

Type Kaplan: suitable for turbine to watercourses and channels with low and medium flow and starting to fall from 2 meters.

Type Francis: is a centripetal flow turbine, the water reaches the impeller through a duct spiral that can exploit both the speed of is water pressure.

Type Pelton: the turbines are in the case of rivers with big jumps and small-scale giving the best performance. The water will flow through the blades of the averaged jets and synchronized and minimize friction losses resulting optimization of the rand.

Solar Panels:

By means of these different types of semiconductors in photovoltaic cells is converted from the radiant solar energy into electricity.   As their performance to this day can not support a pure business plan the latest generation of solar panels begins to glimpse a minimum of cost.  Our group can offer “turnkey” construction of solar fields with:

  • Solar panels for electricity generation.
  • Solar panels to produce hot water which have their own function for users with low consumption of water outside at night.

Wind energy :

Exploitive force of air currents, whose kinetic energy is transformed by propellers connected to turbines into electricity. Again the economical is tied to state contributions and generosity by the management bodies in the purchase’s electricity.

Our company is able to supply wind turbines and provide both the design of wind farms with turbines in their realization that the major producers.

Thermoelectric power: 

The main forms that use the principle heat’s activation of the turbines are:

  •  Incinerator that use fossil fuels
  • Nuclear incinerator
  • Incinerator using municipal and special waste