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SUMMA CONSULTING  is a company that offers consulting services. Main activity is providing assistance to clients in various stages of planning and development of industrial, commercial and real estate projects in Italy, Romania, Moldova and Iran. Specialists working in 12 companies of the group are our pride and the true value, thanks to their high professionalism and preparation in the domain in which they operate.  The Company has to provide quality service to customers directly or through the collaborators network. Always …

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The areas offered in this domain are: 1. Commercial mediation  market research based on the parameters required by the Customer of the building land and agricultural, municipal and commercial properties verifying ownership documents, notarial studies research, forming contracts arbitrations plotting of land, capitalization of failures 2.Real estate development Individual and third parties

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During the implementation of each project is in contact with the customer, is kept close in order to verify compliance with the timetable and procedures agreed upon and, if necessary, by providing timely amended. Economic consultancy Projects of investment; Business plan; Verify the conditions of sustainability of investment projects; Market research, product analysis, support in penetrating Inserting the Client on system-network services products to optimize the system purchase / sale. Legal domain These ensure our customers the correct information and interpretation of …

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The services offered to customers in this area are mostly two: 1. Creation of agricultural enterprises: for optimize production factors, and through a efficiency and maximum use of agricultural vehicles and human resources, both with their own retraining person through the supply of new resources, with the proper allocation of flows production . 2. Professional advice: through the provision of specific services ranging from technical programming of crop year, the advice in uses of chemicals, and the simple verification of …

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Energy Sector The philosophy pursued by the Group and parent is having more energy produced at low environmental impact both present and future, providing improved and durable life quality. The Group has focused, over the last 6 years, on its economic efforts to acquire and upgrade skills in the construction of plants for the production of electricity, becoming a real competence and reference thanks to its network of collaborators and partner companies, consulting first, then design and construction of plants for energy production of type:  Hydropower Solar Panels Wind energy Thermoelectric …

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Recruitment, selection and placement of staff The group is licensed in the placement of staff in field work. Activity takes place through:   Hire staff on long or short time; Consultancy contract with efficiencies solutions to reduce business costs under the new legislation on labor law Selection of personnel for a national or foreign company; Specialized and communication courses for managers, administration and workers

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Communication Sector   Communication Projects; Political communication; Organizing election campaign; Advertising Campaigns; Brand Promotion; Market positioning Your browser does not support iframes.



ROMANIA Tel. (ROM): 0040-786.195.748 REPUBLICA MOLDOVA Tel.(MLD): 0037.369.455.927 ITALIA Tel. (IT): 0039. FAX : 0040.357.814.355 vm@summaconsulting.eu Contact:   Customer relationships: Email: office@summaconsulting.eu    

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