Representation and legal assistance for the following fields of competence:


COMPETENCE FIELD CIVIL LAWreprezentanata_juridica_drept_civil_669470981_mare

• Creating citation acts for the roll call, contracts, notification, transactions, statement of defense, cross-claims;

• Successions; heredity, partition of succession, actions to entry in possession of a heredity;

• Forced execution – insurable measure;

• Compilation and consultancy in relation to contracts – termination and rescission of contracts;

• Debts recovery

• Assistance during the sale, the purchase and the rent of real estate.

• evacuation and real estate claims;

• actions;

• legal assistance and representation in front of legal instances;

• assistance and representation in front of the notary public and the legal officer;

• negotiations;

• criminal civil and contractual responsibilities;

• prescription;

• dissolution of joint coparceny;

• acknowledgement of foreign decisions adopted on the territory of Romania;

•   retrocession requests submitted administratively – municipality, prefecture, ANRP, AVAS or legally.

COMMERCIAL LAWcategorii-68-drept-comercial

  • Assistance and representation during the operations performed at the Trade Register Office of Bucharest, Ilfov;
  • founding societies;
  • representation in front of the Trade Register Office in Bucharest, Ilfov;
  • editing of the constitutive act;
  • modification of the constitutive act;
  • editing of the addendum, of the General Meeting of Shareholders;
  • reservation of the society’s name;
  • achievement of the tax certificate;
  • achievement of tax demand;
  • increase/decrease of the social capital;
  • assignation of the social parts/shares
  • entry/retirement of the associates;
  • designation of administrators/censors;
  • foundation/assignation of work sites, branches, affiliated companies, representations;
  • headquarters change, postponement of the headquarters contracts;
  • society’s name change;
  • functioning authorization;
  • completion of the objects of activity;
  • change of the associates’ identification data;
  • debt recovery/forced execution
  • editing of the requests and representation of the clients during the forced execution of the legal decisions;
  • mediation, transactions during and after the process;
  • injunction procedure;
  • commercial contracts: editing and certification;
  • editing of notifications, citations, communications;
  • assistance during contract negotiations and transactions;
  • discharge, authorizations and ISO certifications;


WORK LAWbigstock-Group-of-industrial-workers-I-36495217

  • Working relations consultancy;
  • working relations conflicts: the manager’s obligation to restore the sums of money that were held from the wage, during the reparation of the damage that was suffered by the employee.
  • objection against the discharge decision of the employee, against the decision to apply a disciplinary sanction;
  • conflicts related to the employee’s responsibilities on behalf of the employer as a result of the non-fulfillment of the non-disclosure agreement, of the elimination of the damages caused by the employer, reimbursement of the sums that were illegally obtained;
  • editing of the employer’s internal documents: Organization and Operational Rules, Internal Regulations, Organizational Charts, List of work positions, Job Descriptions, etc.
  • collective labor contract negotiation and drafting;
  • labor conflict negotiation;
  • objections against the discharge decision of the employee;
  • objections against the decision to apply disciplinary sanctions;
  • authorization achievement:employment agent, temporary employment agent; procedures related to the transfer of the employees on European working sites;
  • working permit achievement for the non-EU citizens;


Consultancy activity related to the public purchases and the concession regime

  • consultancy for law compliance;
  • objection, protection and cancellation of the purchase procedures,
  • contract editing, negotiation , conclusion and accomplishment;
  • property concession consultancy;
  • services and work concession consultancy;
  • consultancy for the calculation and the structuring of the debts and other similar rights;
  • objection, protection and cancellation of the attributive procedures;


INSOLVENCY PROCEDUREcoface-criza-se-prelungeste-au-intrat-in-insolventa-firme-mai-multe-si-mai-mari-decat-anul-trecut_size9

• Directly related consultancy for the for the beginning of the insolvency procedure, selecting the best manners of approach, suggesting options to our clients for the promotion of the reorganization or the beginning of the bankruptcy procedure.

• Analysis of our clients’ activity either for the identification of their personal insolvency state and the elaboration of a strategy for its prevention, or on creditors’ request, an analysis of debtors’ activity to offer enough information for the creation of a realistic commercial policy in relation to their clients.

• Consultancy during contract signing which aims to protect the clients with the help of specific clauses against potential contract risks that clients are exposed to as a result of the insolvency law.

• Representation of the clients’ interests both before the beginning of the insolvency procedure –during the relations developed with the banking institutions, for the facilitation of a fluent activity for the clients who find themselves in trouble, to avoid insolvency – and during the procedure through the direct representation of the associates, as a special administrator or through the common representation and consultancy of the creditors during the debtor’s entire procedure.

• The administration of the bankruptcy procedure necessary for the clients’ interest through the solid management of all legal and economic aspects, to satisfy the creditor’s personal needs.

•   The surveillance of the restructuring procedure through the proposal, the elaboration and the enactment of a restructuring plan which will cover creditors’ debts and will reintegrate debtors in the economic life starting with the specific aspects of every debtor.

• The elaboration of the economic and financial analyses necessary for the identification of the causes leading to the payment suspension and the determination of the rectification possibilities.

• Valorization of the insolvent society’s goods within the highly effective marketing system.

• Elaboration of the reorganizational plans both for its own procedures and for the special creditors and administrators who have included this responsibility among their procedures.

• Debt recovery for our clients through the direct use of specific means offered by the insolvency procedure.


  •  legal consultancy related to the international private law
  • legal assistance and representation
  • analysis of the unexpected cases related to the international private law

The international private law regulates the law relations that contain extraneous elements.

We can determine through international law norms the following:

  • the court that is capable of judging the conflict that is caused by a law relation presenting an extraneous element;
  • the procedure rules that are applied are indicated;
  • the law that will be applied for the evaluation of the fund is indicated;

Only some international private law relations are regulated, for instance:

  • civil law relations: persons, properties, contracts, successions;
  • family law relations (marriage, divorce, partition);
  • work law relations ;
  • civil procedure relations and related relations;

FAMILY LAWdownload (1)

  • Legal assistance and representation during processes of:
  1. divorce
    1. partition of common goods
    2. child support
    3. custody and raising of the minors;
    4. acknowledge or hide the paternity of the child born during marriage or outside the marriage;
    5. acknowledgement of the visit program.
  • Cancel/Annulment of the marriage
  • Late registration of the birth;
  • Tutorship/guardianship;
  • Legal interdiction;


  • rubbery, deception, fraud, extortion, illegal administration;
  • crimes related to the public traffic –GD 95/2001;
  • forgery crimes;
  • institution, organization, adhesion or support of criminal groups;
  • crimes of corruption (accept/offer bribe, influence peddling, illegal goods acceptance);
  • cybercrimes;
  • drug traffic, consumption;
  • human trafficking;
  • prostitution;
  • economic crimes: tax evasion, fraudulent bankruptcy, money laundering;
  • murder; third-degree murder;
  • non –premeditated murder;
  • bodily harm (grievous, culpable)
  • driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances;
  • sexual crimes;
  • any other crimes;