COMPETENCE FIELD CIVIL LAWreprezentanata_juridica_drept_civil_669470981_mare

• Creating citation acts for the roll call, contracts, notification, transactions, statement of defense, cross-claims;

• Successions; heredity, partition of succession, actions to entry in possession of a heredity;

• Forced execution – insurable measure;

• Compilation and consultancy in relation to contracts – termination and rescission of contracts;

• Debts recovery

• Assistance during the sale, the purchase and the rent of real estate.

• evacuation and real estate claims;

• actions;

• legal assistance and representation in front of legal instances;

• assistance and representation in front of the notary public and the legal officer;

• negotiations;

• criminal civil and contractual responsibilities;

• prescription;

• dissolution of joint coparceny;

• acknowledgement of foreign decisions adopted on the territory of Romania;

•   retrocession requests submitted administratively – municipality, prefecture, ANRP, AVAS or legally.