COMMERCIAL LAWcategorii-68-drept-comercial

  • Assistance and representation during the operations performed at the Trade Register Office of Bucharest, Ilfov;
  • founding societies;
  • representation in front of the Trade Register Office in Bucharest, Ilfov;
  • editing of the constitutive act;
  • modification of the constitutive act;
  • editing of the addendum, of the General Meeting of Shareholders;
  • reservation of the society’s name;
  • achievement of the tax certificate;
  • achievement of tax demand;
  • increase/decrease of the social capital;
  • assignation of the social parts/shares
  • entry/retirement of the associates;
  • designation of administrators/censors;
  • foundation/assignation of work sites, branches, affiliated companies, representations;
  • headquarters change, postponement of the headquarters contracts;
  • society’s name change;
  • functioning authorization;
  • completion of the objects of activity;
  • change of the associates’ identification data;
  • debt recovery/forced execution
  • editing of the requests and representation of the clients during the forced execution of the legal decisions;
  • mediation, transactions during and after the process;
  • injunction procedure;
  • commercial contracts: editing and certification;
  • editing of notifications, citations, communications;
  • assistance during contract negotiations and transactions;
  • discharge, authorizations and ISO certifications;

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