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  • Working relations consultancy;
  • working relations conflicts: the manager’s obligation to restore the sums of money that were held from the wage, during the reparation of the damage that was suffered by the employee.
  • objection against the discharge decision of the employee, against the decision to apply a disciplinary sanction;
  • conflicts related to the employee’s responsibilities on behalf of the employer as a result of the non-fulfillment of the non-disclosure agreement, of the elimination of the damages caused by the employer, reimbursement of the sums that were illegally obtained;
  • editing of the employer’s internal documents: Organization and Operational Rules, Internal Regulations, Organizational Charts, List of work positions, Job Descriptions, etc.
  • collective labor contract negotiation and drafting;
  • labor conflict negotiation;
  • objections against the discharge decision of the employee;
  • objections against the decision to apply disciplinary sanctions;
  • authorization achievement:employment agent, temporary employment agent; procedures related to the transfer of the employees on European working sites;
  • working permit achievement for the non-EU citizens;