INSOLVENCY PROCEDUREcoface-criza-se-prelungeste-au-intrat-in-insolventa-firme-mai-multe-si-mai-mari-decat-anul-trecut_size9

• Directly related consultancy for the for the beginning of the insolvency procedure, selecting the best manners of approach, suggesting options to our clients for the promotion of the reorganization or the beginning of the bankruptcy procedure.

• Analysis of our clients’ activity either for the identification of their personal insolvency state and the elaboration of a strategy for its prevention, or on creditors’ request, an analysis of debtors’ activity to offer enough information for the creation of a realistic commercial policy in relation to their clients.

• Consultancy during contract signing which aims to protect the clients with the help of specific clauses against potential contract risks that clients are exposed to as a result of the insolvency law.

• Representation of the clients’ interests both before the beginning of the insolvency procedure –during the relations developed with the banking institutions, for the facilitation of a fluent activity for the clients who find themselves in trouble, to avoid insolvency – and during the procedure through the direct representation of the associates, as a special administrator or through the common representation and consultancy of the creditors during the debtor’s entire procedure.

• The administration of the bankruptcy procedure necessary for the clients’ interest through the solid management of all legal and economic aspects, to satisfy the creditor’s personal needs.

•   The surveillance of the restructuring procedure through the proposal, the elaboration and the enactment of a restructuring plan which will cover creditors’ debts and will reintegrate debtors in the economic life starting with the specific aspects of every debtor.

• The elaboration of the economic and financial analyses necessary for the identification of the causes leading to the payment suspension and the determination of the rectification possibilities.

• Valorization of the insolvent society’s goods within the highly effective marketing system.

• Elaboration of the reorganizational plans both for its own procedures and for the special creditors and administrators who have included this responsibility among their procedures.

• Debt recovery for our clients through the direct use of specific means offered by the insolvency procedure.