Public assistance scheme for small and medium-sized investments

Status: active, the registration continues until June 30, 2014.

The payment of the public assistance starting from 2014.

The nonrefundable sum financed 100% from the eligible expenses of the project, within the maximal value of 200.000 euros (or 100.000 euros for the road transportation) for a 3-year period.

Eligibile fields of activity: all except fishing, marketing of agricultural products, coal iron and steel industry, naval constructions, synthetic fibers

Eligible applicants: SME

Specifications: the purchase of equipment, the gear , the cars, etc. the construction and the purchase of constructions are included within the eligible expenses


–  Commercial societies older than one year;

–  The CAEN code for the investment has to be registered in the activity of the company at least 3 months before the registration of the project;

–  The additional score for the hiring of employees <25 years;