Public assistance scheme for the support of the investments promoting regional development by using new technologies and the creation of new job positions

Status: ACTIVE

Eligibility criteria:

1. Initial investment in Romania, in one of the following domains of activity

  • · Manufacturing industry except: beverage production and the production of tobacco products
  • · Production and supply of electric and thermal energy, gas, hot water and air conditioning
  • · Software editing activity
  • · Telecommunications
  • · Technological services activities
  • · Informatics services activities
  • · Research-development


2. Innovative investments or investments including one ITC component of at least 20% of the value of the investment project.

3. The creation of at least 200 job positions within at most 3 years starting from the enactment of the investment and their maintenance for a period of at least 5 years since the first payment of the public assistance related to every job position newly created

The payment of the public assistance: 2013-2018

The non-refundable assistance consists in 50% of the value of the new wages of the employees, more precisely of the 40% for the Bucarest-Ilfov region.


3.Public assistance scheme for investments that are bigger than 100 million euros and lead to the creation of more than 500 job positions

50% of the eligible costs.