SUMMA CONSULTING  is a company that offers consulting services. Main activity is providing assistance to clients in various stages of planning and development of industrial, commercial and real estate projects in Italy, Romania, Moldova and Iran. Specialists working in 12 companies of the group are our pride and the true value, thanks to their high professionalism and preparation in the domain in which they operate. The Company has to provide quality service to customers directly or through the collaborators network. Always in searching to give a better overall service that brought us over the years to extend the range of services provided to customers, we are able to give timely and professional response to the different needs that are met on the road leading to the creation of a project.

Short historical activity Over the 12 years of activity in Romania the Group developed investment worth over 43 million. Among the over 60 projects undertaken by the company until today, the most important, the production line of SC PATROM SRL Bocsa, in Caras-Severin, through which the group won  60% of the Chinese market, the project for refurbishment of  shareholding and power of company directors knows Casirom Turda, a project for the SC Green Gate Ltd and through which assembled a unitary surface of 1423 ha of  agricultural land  in Victor Vlad Delamarina in Timis. Remember then the role of the broker bringing the company Hungarian Petrolina to sign the contract for the purchase of unleaded gasoline from refineries Tamoil Spa – Italy. The Group has its offices in Bucharest, Chisinau, Trento and Tehran. The group supports the customer with their professionalism, from the starting date until full attainment of the objectives, the project could also deliver “turnkey” using this latest technical on the market and, if it fulfills the criteria, even finding the necessary financial resources.

Management Mr. Vitale Marco Carpentari is responsible for the activities’ Foreign Group upwards of twenty years the experience has created a significant network of subsidiaries and associates that can help customers in Italy, Romania, IR Iran, Moldova, Serbia and other 126 countries, pending the third generation under the guidance of founder  Giulio.

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